How to style a two piece outfit

Hi guys,

Have you ever gotten into a situation where your expectation ends up being different from reality? well I have. So  I got this two piece wear from my tailor that I had described perfectly on what I was expecting only for me to get home and my sisters were laughing at me with the opinion that the top looked like an apron but the skirt was just perfect. I wasnt going to throw it away so I decided to switch things up.

I’ve been away for a while. I have been busy with school work and there was no time to shoot. Good news is I’m back and this time it’s how to help you style your too piece wear differently.

Do you have a skirt that came with its own top or a top that came with its own pant and you tired of wearing it the same way or maybe you dont like one of the piece. Dont worry there’s nothing wrong in switching things up as long as you do it the right way.

I would share d complete outfit and how I styled it differently below:CYMERA_20180327_133546.jpg


So this is the complete outfit it is an halter neck top and a maxi flowing skirt

However, the maxi skirt could be won with another top that suits it or the top can be worn with a pant.

Look 1

Maxi skirts have a way of making you look taller and classy. I chose a yellow top to go with one one of the colours from the print of the skirt to make the look bright and warm. You could also wear a pair of heel to stop thr skirt from contacting the floor if you please.



Look 2

I think casual is easy and fun. This time  I paired the same ankara halter neck top with a pair of mom jeans and sneakers. My hair is packed to reveal my back and a pair of shades to shield my eye from the sun.peepmacho 3

which of the looks is your favourite?

Hope you enjoyed reading



“Confidence looks good on you baby” he said

But before then was I really confident? there were times I felt I wasn’t good enough and my self esteem kept on depreciating because I wasnt doing some thingsbut hey all that changed in a blink of an eye.

There was this one time I had to wear an all african print for a photoshoot at the market and you can Imagine👀. There were motorcyclists, traders and passer bys staring at me and I had to be confident in order to look in good in the picture and also in the outfit I was trying to sell.

Bottom line is without confidence you cannot slay

Every man loves a confident woman and so I would be sharing 5 tips on how to show confidence below:



1) Love yourself and be proud of who you are.

2) Love your skin and your body and treat them right.

3) Wear clothes that make you feel good.

4) Always smell nice; a nice body spray boosts your confidence.

5) Be ready to embrace crticisms; whatever they say doesnt matter.


I was feeling so confident and all type of sexy so here is a simple but yet classy look. My nude top was showing some skin at the sides so I decided to go with a scarf that is the same colour except for its black stripes. However the scarf coule be taken off depending on where you are.

Palazzo pants are loose and a sure piece of clothing to go for if you want to be comfortable.

For foot wear my glass heels compliments my nude top because it isnt a flashhy colour. So there you have it this outfit could be worn to an event, formal party or a date. Be sure not to leave your confidence at home.nude 9nude 11


Hope you enjoyed reading


Why oversized clothings are the new trend

Recently I realised I am always in the space of my own world. A lot has been trending and I seem to comprehend the whole situation when the trend has began to fade.

Just when I thought fitted clothing were the bomb, a lot of people started going the baggy way and before I realised what was happening, oversized vintage shirts, jackets and jean pants had become the new trend. I guess people are beginning to understand that they do not have to suffocate in tight clothes to look good and I am happy to join the gang.

Here is a good news  in case you do not like trends ;the way you style and add your own flavour to trends makes it completely new to other people.

I have been living the purple lifestyle for a while now beginning from my long purple braids and as you know, I like keeping it casual and when the need arises, I do not hesitate to switch on classy sassy mode. Here are two ways to look classy and casual in oversized clothes.


– Oversized vintage shirt

-Oversized boyfriend/mom jeans

-A pair of nice purple sandal heel

– A white camisole

-A pair of white sneakers

Look 1baggy.jpg7For the first look my floral vintage shirt is used as a jacket and my white camisole goes with my white sneakers.  The boyfriend jeans completes the whole casual look.

Makeup: A very simple look with a bright purple eyeshadow and deep red lipstick that draws your attention to my shirt.

Look 2




For this look my vintage shirt is tucked in nicely in my jean and i’m wearing a purple sandal heel that compliments my vintage shirt. If you look closely you might realise that my jean also compliments my blue bag.

So there you have it a simple classy/casual look to rock to lectures and outings.

Do you think overzied clothings are the real deal or should fitted clothes come back in trend?

hope you enjoy reading

cheers!!! ❤

What is an Olòribella?

incase you are worried that your wig would fall off or someone would pull it off  to reveal an upleaseant sight òlòribella has got you. something like “you know i’m putting on ada by Oloribella” then you flip the hair from side to side to draw attention.

Let me tell you more about this brando if you are still im the dark👀👀. Isabella Fadipe a beautiful second year student of Babcock university is the CEO of Olòribella and my first personality of the year/week.


Her African hair brand deals with custom wigs and gives a hundred percent assurance that òlòribella wigs has something different to offer among the multitudes of wigs available today.  The wigs are made and styled to fit different eligible and African statuse meaning anybody can afford one. A bulb braid wig named ‘àbisola’ is the first of its kind and can only be found with them. However there are other kinds, see for yourself below:




Chioma20180103_223312.png ada and lola are also available.

Incase you are worried that your wig would fall off or someone would pull it off  to reveal an upleaseant sight òlòribella has got you. They guarantee 100 percent security with a very secure method that holds the wigs firmly and still gives the natural look that is well desired. So you are safe.

Start the year by slaying from head to today by ordering your designer wigs today. Check them out @oloribella_ on IG.

happy new year

P.s  I was so busy dining and wining that I almost forgot I had a blog but I didnt forget my readers.

Thanks for a wonderful 2017❤

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My 6-inches heels kept bending as I barely managed to walk to class that very day. I secretly prayed my crush would not pass by to witness that embarrasing situation I had put myself that very morning. To make matters worse the straps of the shoe kept removing and I had to stop a few times on the way to adjust it. Bear in mind I was running at this point with those shoes now picture the scenerio in your head.

I suffered that morning and it wasnt as easy as you think. There was no Keke (tricycle)  to take me to class that morning. As I walked to school that morning, I realised I had two minutes to get to class. I had spent the morning thinking of what to wear and how to make a statement upon my arrival. I wanted heads to turn to what seem like the paparazzi students give to the new pretty girl who just got transferred to their school. Of course I was late and I was shut out of the class. Now the queen b moment was totally ruined


So here’s the deal. When it comes to fashion, most girls are usually confused as to when to wear heels or sneakers or what to wear with them. There is no doubt that heels are really classy and make you feel confident and taller than the world but if you know you would not be comfortable in it then my sister drop it at home. Trust me guys dont get attracted when they see you barely managing to walk in those 6-inches pencil heels.

I had the same problem when I was going for a fashion exhibition. I couldnt decide if I should wear a pair of sneakers of heel with my romper but one thing I was sure of is that  I wanted to look as simple as possible.

However another factor that can influence your decision could be comfort. Do you have a comfortable convertible if you are going to be putting on heels? would you be walking or standing throughout the day? would you be comfortable in those shoes. If no then you should do the sneakers

Here are two looks on how to rock both foot wears without embarrasing yourself.

Look 1



This feels extremely comfortable.I am wearing a black romper and since it was too simple I added a gold chain for jewelry which I got from primak. The yellow bag was to pop a little bit of colour to my outfit so there you have it. The simple, comfortable but yet chic look.

Look 2

happy girl.jpghappy giel 3.jpgThe same outfit but this time with a pair of heels. The thing about wearing heels is that it gives a sense of elegance and you are noticied faster when you enter a crowded room than those on flats but learn from the story above if you are considering wearing them.

So what’s your pick heels or sneakers?

hope you enjoyed reading


He swept me off my feet- the power of your scent.

I remember shivering at the scent of his perfume one certain day as he walked passed me. Not only was he good looking and properly dressed. His perfume could last a decade and sweep you off your feet without him opening his mouth. The sweet smelling sensation could drive any girl into a world of world of ecstacy.

One time I had a boyfriend in Junior Secondary school and I could smell his mallam perfume (a cheap but really strong perfume used by northern vendors in Nigeria) from a far distance. And I could easily tell he had arrived school and before I knew what was happening my fragile heart would beat so fast that I would fear it would stop working. I guess this showed how powerful a person’s scent can be. But hey this isn’t a romance novel.

I present to you my personality of the week Falohun Omosewa MariamIMG-20171215-WA0033.jpg

IMG-20171215-WA0031This amazing sexy young lady has discovered the secret of smelling nice to accompany your attractive features and has invested in it. She is a young teenage entrepreneur who resides in Lagos and specialises in the sales and delivery of eye contacts👀 and perfumes.

Sewa as she is popularly known started her cologne collection this year with a massive support from friends and family. Aside from her cologne business Sewa is also a model and a beauty expert.

She has a wide range of products ranging from Bvlgari, smart collections, Explore, active men, legendary which are not too expensive but serve their purpose.img-20171215-wa0028.jpg

So if you are a guy and you looking for how to get that babe that you have been trying to woo for a long time, check out Mae_s_ collection and If you are a girl add a bit of sexiness to your outfits and makeup with an alluring scent from Mae_s_collection  on IG to keep them hoes away from your boo and thank me later.



The turbanised ankaralized way of life.

Let me tell you a secret that would release you from the bondage of laziness. Never proud of myself for being a lazy person but I always admit that I am. I find it hard to make my hair most timesvso if you fit into this shoe then it’s time to be turbanised and ankaralised.

Usually when I dont have time to make my hair  or when I run out of styles in packing my hair, I go the turban way.

Here are two ways to rock your ankara headwrap

Look 1


_DSC0298.jpgFor the first look its a red headwrap with a yellow and brown print as you can see. To make it is big as it looks I tied another scarf beneath it.

For styling I’m wearing a grey off shoulder dress that goes with the dark print on my scarf. For foot wear it’s a red blocked heel that matches with my scarf as well.

To make my outfit look more elegant, my accesories are also made from ankara.The hoop earrings as well as the stoned choker are made from the same material. And my traditional African waist bead is used as a hand chain.


I teamed up with an amazing makeup artist Sarah_emezi to create a red and yellow look that goes with my headwrap. Wayyyyy out of the norm since I am not used to heavy makeup but I love the look.

Look 2

IMG_1168This was a look I rocked to class on a friday. I felt like wearing an all white outfit. So I’m wearing a crop top and a white high waist pant that doesnt contrast with my blue and brown ankara headwrap.

And of course black goes with anything so I have a black sandal heel on that also complements my hair and black cat on my top.

For makeup it is a nude look.

that’s all of my extranesss guys.

hope you enjoy reading

more pictues of both looks below


_DSC0279.jpgIMG_20171210_220332_051photo credit @childishmobo

We are all guilty.

This might sound so serious but it is serious,we are all guilty and we have all been very mean through our actions. We are causing damages, damages that might soon go beyond repair.You are guilty and I am guilty .

A lot of us have been reluctant to our environment. We buy gala, plantain chips, coke etc on the traffick and just throw it through the window when we are done eating.20171204_192426

Sometimes we know our vehicles are not in good conditions probably bringing toxic fumes from the exhaust pipes yet we torture the roads as well as other users just because we want to manage.20171204_192758

Someone washes clothes, plates etc and decides to pour the water on the road. Others build houses without constructing a drainage system and we begin to wonder why erosion or bad roads is always an issue in our localities. 20171204_192335So I begin to wonder dont we see the need to keep our surroundings clean? even if we think there are community workers who would do the clean up cant we help them

Make use of the waste bins. If you are not close to one, keep your trash till you find one. We all love to see tidy places but we forget we have a role to play in keeping it tidy.

Environmental degradation is fast becoming a real menace to the society. Accumulation of plastics, toxic fumes, etc leading to health issues and the depletion of the ozone layer as well as other devastating consequences. Desertification on the hand due to the amount of trees cut down each year that are not replanted. The responsiblity is yours.20171204_192350.pngLet’s all remember to reduce, reuse and recycle for the earth is our home if we do not take care of it we have to other place to run to.

However we live today affects the coming generation. Lets think about the future.

Help!! strange call from mother nature.

On this fateful day,  I had no plan of going out like the lazy person that I am. But something shocking happened. Something that I never imagined. Hmmm!  I began hearing Ann! Annnn!!  like the trees were beckoning from a far distancenature 2 and the waters were echoing my nameIMG_20171201_203651_900.jpg At that moment I knew nature was calling. Calling me to witness its aesthetic sensitivity.

It was like the movies where you hear spirits calling out to a person. lol just kidding

Anyway, I was in the mood to visit mother nature so I headed to Chaka resort and of course I wasnt dissapointed. The cool breeze was so refreshing and the hot sun that burned my feet felt like a blessing. If you haven’t taken your time to appreciate nature i must say YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

As the extra person that I am, I rocked my denim short in two different ways.

Here’s look 1


I am tying a bandana to keep my hair in place from the cool breeze  and I am wearing a denim short paired with a lace crop top.

Like I said in my previous post concerning “matching”, I puposely decided to tie a black bandana to go with the black top.

And I have a pinkish transparent shade on and for makeup it is a natural look,I am not even wearing lipstick.

To be honest I was feeling bad and boujee in this look. However I like the second better.

Look 2


bambooHere’s my sky blue denim jacket that matches perfectly with the sky.

The denim short was actually big and I forgot to take a belt along so I thought to myself “why not spice things up with the colourful bandana in your bag”. And there you have it serving as what I really dont know but it’s fine sha and that’s what’s important.

I decided to place my black shades on my hair because I got tied of wearing it.

By the way there was this Mallam that kept on talking about African craft and shambala, he convinced me to get myself a souvenir.


see more pictures of my day at the resort as well as aesthetics

photo credit: Annabelle for landscape & editing

portrait by Doris Iloka

nature 3




All hail the queen!!!, If you haven’tiii heard of this boobilious, cute African bad gyal its your time to Famz. Safiat Olamiposi Motunrayo Abike Bakare-Korodo (yoruba people and their long names) is my first personality of the week.




So I felt a pressing need to appreciate young people who are making waves every week on my blog and Safiat has my heart for this week ❤

For those of you who dont know, Safiat is the CEO of afrodite’s closet an African brand that uses African prints to showcase the rich African cultural heritage. She is also a makeup artist and a creative director




She deals mainly in head wraps, chokers and waist beads all made with bright and colourful African prints.20171127_234422

20171127_234441 (makeup and photo concept in the photos were done by her. Simply amazing!!!) you can check out her page on IG at @afrodite’s closet.


She wouldnt reveal her age for she says “A woman never reveals her age, but I’m the best sign-Taurus, which means I take no bullshit from anybody” however she is quite young and ambitious.

Safy as she is popularly called by her friends was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, she ended up moving back to Nigeria later on.

Currently she  lives in the States and is in college. She has proven that you should never let anyone say that you are to young to pursue dreams. Safy’s personality is also very admirable as she makes her clients feel like family. She encourages her friends and pushes anyone she comes in contact with to chase their dreams. She is a support system and a driving force.


Challenge yourself to pursue your ambitions at a very young age.You dont have to wait until you are out of college or till when you 30. Now is the time⏱

Be like Safy😊

photo credit: afrodite’s closet & Abudubhadmus

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